Distinctive brands to enjoy

The brands we selected for their traditional winemaking as well as to pair well with a wide variety of cuisines. The grapes are grown in Northern California enjoy 2 climates extremes: sunny, warm dry days at 18 to 25 degrees are followed by cool sea breezes and fog, drop to 8-10 degrees, which roll in every evening. This hot and cold daily basis result allows the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly to produce a distinctive "fruit forward" quality, which is now being recognized as hallmark of our brands wines.

We love our environment and repect our earth. The grapes came from sustainable growing regions and wines are all eco friendly style. Please call us for individual salesheets.


  • St. George

    Named by Restaurant Magazine as a "Top 100 Wine brand in USA" for its casualness with high quality.

  • Bouchon

    Very small vineyard, hand-selected grapes and aged in wood, very sophisticated. very sophisticated

  • SilverStone

    It's Oak! 12 months aging in barrels 100% malolatic fermentation made the wine so soft. Good to drink along.

  • Clos Ceri

    An unique brand highlight all occasions celebration, cherry aroma echoed in elegant flavors.

  • Domaine Sonoma

    Sonoma appellation, 24 months in oak extended lees contact, display dark color and soft, supply tannin.


    Distinctive fruity aromas, bright acidity and soft tannin, all pair beautifully with Asian dishes.

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