We distribute in Hong Kong over 17 years

King Regal International Limited was founded in 1996. We import and distribute eco American wines. Our mission is to provide good quality wines, competitive price, consistant product supply in Asia Pacific regions. We are member of Hong Kong Wholesaling Association. We have registered in "Safety Food and Hygiene Center".
Our core business:
* Build brands and marketing
* Distribute to hotels, resorts, western and chinese restaurants, catering and company accounts
* Exclusive on shelf at SOGO Causeway Bay
* Re-export our wines to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and China

Why buy our USA brands?

* "Top 100 Restaurant Brands" in California USA among 9500 brands
* Organic farming and eco friendly winemaking
* Easy to drink causual style with quality guarantee and competitive price

Why select California wines?

* USA wines are the top 4 wine exporters in the world.
* Tradition winemaking dated back to the late 1700s with modern-day innovation improvement
* Ideal climate to grow grapes make California wines its own outstanding unique style
* In 1976 & 2006 blind tasting "The judgement of Paris" California wines won the 1st & 2nd listings.