Host a wine tasting at home is a great fun

07 November 2013| Bouchon wines | Thai style party

1) Cover the body of the wine in a paper bag so you can taste blind.
2) Select similar style wine or same grapes from different regions around the world. Better with the same vintage for comparison:
similar wine style can select California Pinot Noir vs France Alsace Burgundy
3) Prepare a few different fruits such as berries, strawberries, dried nuts and chocolate get from supermarket put in the wine glass.
4) Small cheese, white bread or finger food such as ham, sausages, shortbread to enjoy.

Now you can match the aroma of the fruits and can talk about the aroma of the wine with your friends and relatives even at home.

Order wine at restaurant

It is a great challenge when the waiter hands you a huge wine list.. You want to look good in front of your guests.
1) Tell the waiter/sommelier/manager what kind of dishes you are going to eat that night
2) Tell them what wine taste you prefer such as more fruity, more oak and good tannin etc.
3) Ask what price point you would like to order

The waiter will then highlight a few wines so you can select. He will pour the wine into your glass. You swirl the glass, smell the wine and taste it before accepting. The main thing you are looking for is whether the wine is too corky or not suitable for human drinking.

wine receipe'

Wine Punch

07 June 2013

2 Apples sliced
2 Oranges sliced
A few strawberry halves
1 bottle Red wine
2 cans Soda water chilled

Soak all into a mixer 2 hours
Strain into a big punch bowl
Add in ice cubes chill a while
Take out ice cubes
Pour in chilled soda water
Serve in a red wine glass.


Anytime Cocktail Party

12 Dec 2013


Russian Potatoes

Spicy Thai chicken wings

Brocoli in spicy coconut sauce

Traditional shortbread

Wine Punch

Semi dry white wine

You will be the perfect host.