Eco friendly wines?

Organic farming (some codes of sustainable winegrowing practices) & Eco-friendly winemaking
* No pesticide use. Use "good bugs" to kill the "bad bugs"
* Build ponds to collect raindrops water and energy conservation .
* Pebbles and stones to control soil erosion; recycle waste reduction.
* Build habitat for raptors and other wildlife around the vineyard.
* 18 inches above the ground plastic hoses to drip water to the soils
* No additive flavorings, no colorings. Tannins are natural preservative.
* Use plastic hose to transport wines juices; No use steel water pipes.
* Filtered 3 times to purify before bottling.

Fruity Aromas?

With 2 extreme climates roll in Northern California daily allow the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly to produce a distinctive,outstanding "fruit foreward" quality. This is a hallmark recognization of California wines. Pay attention to the "Fruity" aroma will enhance your enjoyment of our wines. Now you can use vocabulary to describe aroma. Below are those kind fruit aromas you can find in our wines. . Source: winearomas wheel form by Professor Ann.C Noble.